Organ Console
Listen to the Grant Fight Song
Played on our very own Wurlitzer

Walt Strony - organist

Walt Strony graciously gave us permission to use it on our site.

Just in case you don't remember the words, we have included them below along with two other important Grant Union High School songs.

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(Stand and Sing through Twice)

Fight on for all the glory,
Grant Union High,
Fight with the spirit.
That means do or die
Fight! Fight!
Cheer on our worthy comrades!
Up to the sky.
Hail, Blue and Gold
Of Grant Union High
Fight! Fight!


When a girl from Grant walks down the street
She looks a hundred per from head to feet.
She has a smile, a word, a winning way,
And when you see her, boys,
You’ll recognize her, and you’ll say…
Now, there’s a girl I’d like to know.
She has that Grant High Spirit, Pep and Go.
And when you look at her it’s quite a treat,
It’s hard to beat, A Girl from Grant High.


All Hail to Alma Mater
To thy glory we sing,
All Hail to Grant Union High School
Long may thy praises ring,
Where western skies meet western seas,
Our High School stands in majesty.
All Hail to Alma Mater
Hail, All Hail, to thee.

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