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  • Important change of plans! The dedication of the football field to Coach 'Al' has been postponed. It will not be done as anticipated at the August 28th game. (posted 8/19/2015)
  • The Grant Union High School Classes of the 40's Reunion will be held on September 26. Check it out at Classes of the 40's. (updated 6/18/2015)
  • The Norte Del Rio High School Class of 70 40th Reunion will be held on September 7. Check it out here. (updated 6/21/2015)
  • The Grant Union High School Class of 1965 will hold it's reunion on October 3rd Please read more about it at Grant class of '65 50th reunion. (updated 6/14/2015)
  • The Grant Union High School Class of 1985 will hold it's 30th reunion on October 9th/10th Please read more about it at Grant class of '85 30th reunion. (updated 6/14/2015)
  • The Grant Union High School Class of 2005 is planning it's 10th reunion for October 9th/10th. Please read more about it at Grant class of '05 10th reunion. (updated 6/14/2015)
  • ATTENTION CLASS OF 1955 This great class has come together every FIVE years "forever" and now let's make history celebrating with a 60 year reunion! The class of '55 60th reunion informtion you need is here. (posted 6/14/2015)
  • ATTENTION CLASS OF 1975 a reunion is being planned, but help is needed. Get informtion here. (posted 6/14/2015)
  • The Grant/Norte classes of 66 are planning a reunion. Get informtion here. (posted 6/14/2015)
  • Grant hasn't had a band in over 20 years, but it is building one now! See PROJECT:“PRIDE OF THE PACERS MARCHING BAND” to find out all about how to get one going again. (updated:9/9/2014)
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  • If you haven't checked out the Senior Class pictures for Grant and Norte lately, most are ready for viewing. You can look them over, and help us collect more contact information. We still have more work to do to get them all loaded and matched with the correct names, but they are mostly completed. (updated 7/19/2014)
  • The 1962 Class 50th Reunion pictures are on the site. If you want to look at them or download some, click here. Looks like everybody had a good time.(posted 11/03/12)
  • The Genius of Young George Wright CD is coming soon; Order yours today and help the Grant Union High School organ restoration fund. (posted 10/17/12)
  • The Trail Blazer Reading Nook is starting up! Sample it here, and remember to come back and look for more as they arive. Or submit your request to Larry at webmaster@guhsaa.org (updated:08/02/2011)
  • Can't find your yearbook? Order a CD or a yearbook. (updated:5/16/2012)
  • If you think your class reunion should be getting started, check out the Reunions item on the menu at the left side of the page!. (updated:10/31/2010)
  • To see pictures of your last reunion, click on the 'Class Memories' then 'Class Memories" again.
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  • A page to help you submit articles and pictures for the newsletter and website is under "Feedback" on the left. Or just click here. (posted:9/10/2009)
  • The Grant Union High School has a 1937 document titled "Forward With Grant". A two page excerpt titled "A SHORT HISTORY OF GRANT HIGH SCHOOL" is very interesting and is reproduced here.
  • Talking about history, here is an aerial view of Grant Union High School from 1938! (posted:7/17/2009)
  • Do you have any reunion news? Add it by contacting info@guhsaa.org.
  • The Grant Union High School State Football Champions pictures. (posted:6/25/2009)
  • We are looking for what you want on the website. Help by filling out our questionnaire. (posted:6/18/2009)
  • The 25th Anniversary of the Grant Union High School Alumni Association is history, and to experience some of the fun, check the article and Classic Cars. (posted:6/16/2009)
  • Member site links are welcome and are posted on our LINKS page. (posted:6/3/2009)

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